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Melodic Rock

Coincidence played an important role in the latest rock project. Conny Conrad sold his car tires via the Internet. The buyer came from Switzerland, they got into conversation and the visitor arranged a meeting between Andrea Beth and Conny Conrad. She made a name as a singer in Switzerland, but was no longer satisfied with her previous producer. This was, of course an open door for Conny. "She has a super voice," said the man from the Sommerhalde. No sooner said than done. Andrea Beth wrote lyrics and music together with Conny. "zabeth" was chosen as band name. On the album "primum" Andrea's son also plays. "It's great that she still has such energy after so many years in the music business," said Conny Conrad happily.

In 2021, Conny left us and is now rocking with all the music greats in heaven. R.I.P my dear friend, soulmate and producer.

The band is just about complete and a program for the stage is worked out and we can start again.
We would also play as an opening band....

Videos / Musik

Videos / Musik

we are Andrea-Beth/Leadvocal, Marcel/Guitar, Rolf/Bass and Felix/ Drums.
If you love handmade music, if you can hear the wood of a guitar, if you like to play gigs then ... or if you want to discover great music and also help to create it and rehearse new songs, then we promise that we will do everything we can to make sure that you will experience good rehearsals and concerts. We are looking for....
2nd guitarist
We are also happy to welcome female musicians